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Nighty Night Room Spray relaxes and calms your baby, preparing them for the perfect slumber! With just a few sprays, the lavender-based formulation works it’s magic.
You will find your bubba’s eyelids (and yours) are shut before they even hit the pillow.

Why It´s So Good For your baby:
Ever noticed the calming effect that lavender has? Lavender is
commonly used to aid in relaxation and assist in getting a good
night´s sleep (for mum, dad and bub). This works perfectly in
combination with the Milk Baby Bath Time Wash.
Calendula is a great moisturiser for dry skin but as a spray, we use it
for its antiseptic and bacterial qualities. This will help keep the air in
your bubba’s room fresh and germ free!
Chamomile, marjoram and ylang ylang are all included for the
calming and relaxing qualities they have on the body. These
ingredients can help with:
*Children when they are teething or feeling irritable – don't we all know this feeling all to well!
*Calming emotions – a great one for adults too
*Assisting with hyperactivity – it only takes one lolly bag
*An excellent muscle relaxant, for long hard days!
*Good for asthma
*Assists with anxiety and relaxes a sore, tired body!
Made in Melbourne, Australia, uses 100% recyclable packaging and
not tested on animals.
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