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Milk Baby Bath Time Wash is an all natural bath wash packed with all the good stuff. This gentle wash keeps your baby happy and clean, guaranteeing bath time is a fun, allergy and
tear free experience for mum, dad and baby.

Why It's So Good For your baby:
Ever noticed the calming effect that lavender has? Lavender is commonly used to aid in relaxation and assist in getting a good night’s sleep (for mum, dad and bub).
Not only does it help you sleep, it is well known to assist in the treatment of eczema, dandruff and abrasions and is also both soothing and
balancing to the skin! The perfect ingredient for a pre-bed bath.
Chamomile is used for relaxation and has numerous other benefits
such as
- Soothing skin rashes (such as eczema), minor burns and sunburn;
- Speed healing of minor scratches and abrasions;
- When mixed with warm bath water, it creates a vapor-like scent that
alleviates colds and assists with asthma – the perfect ingredient to
team with our all-famous Snotty Grotty!
Neroli oil is yet another soothing ingredient and is well known for its
gentle effects on the nervous system, whilst also calming and moisturising the skin.
Made in Melbourne, Australia, uses 100% recyclable packaging and not tested on animals.

TIP: Sometimes your bubba will like to help out too, so Milk Baby has made sure the plastic in our packaging is 100% safe. Just make sure the flip top cap is down and your bubba can play away.
As we know, sometimes it’s the small things in life.
PS - never leave your baby unattended in the bath.

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