I Love You Most' Merino Heirloom Blanket - Marl

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The perfect new addition to the Noah & Bowie family and a perfect gift for a new addition. We have proudly designed and produced these stunning heirloom blankets right here in Auckland, New Zealand using the finest Merino on the market. Our Merino blankets are ridiculously soft and luxurious, we could not be more proud.
Why choose merino ?
Not only is merino wool exceptionally beautiful to look at and touch, it has many beneficial qualities, especially for our precious babies and kids.
Merino wool is a natural fibre, which means no nasty chemicals. New Zealand merino is actually the most superior fibre in the world. Merino is a natural insulator, and absorbs moister more than any other fibre. This basically means that merino will keep your children warm without overheating like synthetic fibres. Merino is also a natural temperature regular, so yes this means that merino is perfect for all seasons, including warmer climates.
And mums, Merino repels dirt, it is naturally stain resistant #winning !!
We love our earth and our earth loves our merino because merino is completely biodegradable and sustainable.
Colour: Marl
Size: 80 x 110cm
Material: 100% New Zealand Merino Wool
Care Instructions: Hand wash only, Do not ring to remove excess water, Hang flat in the shade to dry, Do not Iron, Do not Tumble dry, Do not rub, Dry cleanable.
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by Noah & Bowie